Do you want to discover your true life’s purpose in 2019?

In the Wild Heart-program you will:

  • become deeply connected with yourself and your horse

  • discover your feminine energy

  • make your lifetime dream a reality

Wild Heart has given me a great gift: the memory of an ancient knowledge and the desire to pass it on to a child.

I got pregnant shortly afterwards.
Today I pass on the knowledge about a happy birth to women.



Jasmin Morssy

happy mother & owner of Boho Baby

I learned to let go of everything to receive much more from my horse and from life.

The magic has returned to our lives, along with the power and strength to stand with confidence for myself and my visions.


Julia Moll

horse photographer

On a mental level, it has always been clear to me that my horse is my mirror, saying “Look, this is you.”


Now I am also beginning to understand that he wants to teach me to FEEL. The pain, the fear, the sadness, the anger, the love, the passion.

Tanja Bever

Parelli Trainer

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